Dir. Victor Orozco Ramirez (Mexico, Germany, 2018) 7:45
Nautilus Sept 8 5:00 PM
My grandmother was convinced that the only animal that made the same mistake twice is the human being.
An essay short film about my very own Internet, a parallel world where memory loss, errors, surveillance and addiction smear everything and everyone.
32 Rbit 600x300 2019   Shorts

Ad Infinitum

Dir. Murat Çetinkaya (Turkey, 2018) 13:00

The “B” Sept 8 10:30 AM


Invisibility of authority is power.

Beautifully filmed. Creepy and relevant. A compelling and well-made look at cycles of tyranny and violence in pursuit of gaining and maintaining that power.

Karen Peterson

Ad INfinitum 600x300 2019   Shorts

Age Of Animals

Dir. Mustafa Yeşil (Turkey, 2018) 10:00
Nautilus Friday Sept 6 11:15 AM
One of those freaky animal head films that have been trending this year, for what reason we are still trying to determine.  This one is set a bit apart from the rest in its commentary on bringing a new perspective regarding animals as perhaps sentient beings, or at least beings that can understand suffering and deserving us rethinking our treatment of them.
And Tatiana has a cameo….
Age of Animals 600x300 2019   Shorts

All In Good Time

Dir. Bonnie Dempsey (Ireland, 2017) 13:00
Nautilus Sept 7 1:15 PM
A friendship develops between Mal, an Irish boy who lives on the west coast of Ireland in 1918 and Sam, an Indian-Irish girl who lives in the exact same place in 2018. They are magically able to communicate across the ages through messages in a bottle they throw into the sea.  Just a good old fashioned time-travel story. The desire to connect has not, nor will it ever, change no matter where…or when you are.
All in Good Time 600x300 2019   Shorts

All the World is a Stage

Dir. Hannes Rall  (Singapore, Germany, 2016)  1:30

The Nautilus Sept 8 1:30 PM


This film gave me a thoughtful perspective on how I live my own life in and out of the online community. Perhaps none of us are able to escape the temptations of our own narcissism in a post-modern world where most of our accomplishments – whether droll or inspiring – are captured for the viewing pleasure of our followers.

Amy Peterson

All the World is a Stage 600x300 2019   Shorts

A Long Night

Dir. Kamiran Betasi  10:00 (Kurdistan, 2018)
CREA Sept 8 1:00 PM

In the aftermath of the 1975 Kurdish revolution against Iraq, many families flee their homes and settle in refugee camps in Iran. A woman with her two children occupies one of the tents. Due to the absence of a man (her husband) the camp guards try to assault her. She cleverly protects herself while living in constant fear.

About Kamiran Betasi:
From Zakho, Kurdisran of Iraq, Betasi has been working on television documentaries and programs. His short films “Black Mirror”, “Roshan”, “A Long Night “, and ” Silhouette ” have been to numerous film festivals. He is the winner of the Jury Award at the Gulf Film Festival 2012 in Dubai.

A LOng Night 480x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Angelica Germanà Bozza (Germany, 2018) 14:17

CREA Sept 8 3:15 PM


Ahmet, a young widowed father and his 9-year old daughter, Rozerîn, have left Turkey to start a new life in Germany. On the anniversary of his wife’s death, the two perform their favorite tradition to honor her memory. There is so much meaning and feeling in this short story. It is sad and heartwarming at the same time. It captures a range of emotions including grief, loss of a loved one, loss of a way of life, hope for the future, hope in the youth of the future, generosity, kindness… A wholly relatable story.

Amy Peterson

Anniversary 600x300 2019   Shorts

A Star to Steer Her By

Dir. Giacomo Dondi  (Italy, 2018) 12:07
Nautilus Sept 8 3:00 PM
In our constant barrage of modern living, the rat race, the daily grind, we are anonymous in a sea of people…lonely amongst the crowds.  It takes the literal impending Apocalypse to strip people bare and truly ponder what existence is.  But isn’t that always the case? To truly appreciate life, it must be blatantly obvious how fleeting it is?  Perhaps subconsciously that is why the “Apocalypse” has become a colloquial term…we desire to connect again to others on a human level. And the only way to break free from societal constraints, is to eliminate society all together.
Alexandra Nakelski

A Star to Steer HEr By 600x300 2019   Shorts

As the First Time

Dir. Emanuela Mascherini  (Italy, 2018) 20:00
The “B” Sept 6 12:15 PM
Oscar is a photographer. He always tried to capture time, memories, and thoughts. He had succeeded until the illness of his wife and the “digital” stole steal all forms of memory.
Each member of our staff had one that was their personal favorite…this one was Beth’s: 
Heartbreaking and heartwarming. This is so incredibly sweet, but also devastating. Great production quality too. I love it. Please provide guests with tissues for this one. Dare I say award worthy? This is definitely one of my favorites. But I will be crying about it for the next several days.
Side note from Alexandra:  This is a perfect example of the loss of tactile. Thousands of digital photos on your phone -scrolling and scrolling -will never beat the relevance of that once special snapshot. The digital can be erased forever. You can’t hold it in your hand.

As in the first time 600x300 2019   Shorts

A Visit

Dir. Parissa Mohit (Canada, 2018) 12:18
Nautilus Sept 7 1:15 PM
Amidst a bustling cityscape, a child pays a visit to a woman in a high-rise apartment. Inside, their interactions with each other, and with the outside world, becomes increasingly phantasmagorical.

A Visit 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Donato Sansone (France, 2018) 4:00
Nautilus Sept 8 7:00 PM
Bavure portrays the evolution of a human being from his creation to his awareness of the mysteries of the universe. It is a metaphor of the creation of the world and a parable of the artistic process.

Bavure 600x300 2019   Shorts

Black Friday

Dir. Stephane Moukarzel  (Canada, 2017) 18:00
Nautilus Sept 7 11:30 AM

Consumption is God in our capitalistic society. Different discounts, special offers and Black Friday “deals” can mobilize huge crowds into a feeding frenzy. Like a drug, every year the day after Thanksgiving, these addicts search for that shopping ecstasy and don’t notice the human souls they sacrifice in the process.

Astra Zoldnere

Black Friday 600x300 2019   Shorts

Black Spirit

Dir. Chakib Taleb-Bendiab  (Tunisia, 2018)  19:46
*Filmmaker in Attendance
Nautilus Sept 8 10:00 AM
An old French archaeologist worn out by life yet still adventurous is convinced that he is finally on the trail of the legendary African Samurai clan, the “Black Spirits”, in the Tunisian Sahara. Is his mystic journey just a dream or a way to escape a reality he doesn’t want to accept ?  Ethereal and exquisitely shot…the feeling of in flux between dreaming and waking life. AN
black spirit 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Samantha Severin (USA, 2018) 15:00

Nautilus Sept 8 5:00 PM


There are epic and momentous junctures in my career that illuminate my way through the accruing nonsense that one must trudge through daily in the film industry. One conversation will live on in my mind forever and that is when I sat for a good chunk of time interviewing John Carpenter. We talked at length about They Live, the culture of surveillance and apathy, and of Huxley’s Brave New World.  In my mind it was impending…for him, it was already here. And now, ten years later, I have come to agree.  What this all has to do with this particular short film is the anonymity ..the nebulous, the unknown power that has completely engulfed the human tendency for self expression and autonomy. Web cams…wigs..strangers watching you..who or what is out there? The void…We have domesticated ourselves into apathetic complicity.

Alexandra Nakelski
BLUE still 1 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Zirek Mira  (Kurdistan, 2005) 5:45

CREA Sept 8 3:15 PM


A piece of artistry about life’s continuation despite oppression, symbolizing the Kurdish resilience in the face of tyranny.
Breath 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Ivan Sainz-Pardo (Spain, 2018) 3:30
Nautilus Sept 8 5:00 PM
“Hey guys..I have a great idea..let’s develop artificial intelligence that will one day deem itself superior and us obsolete!”
Broccoli 600x300 2019   Shorts

Broken Song

Dir. Can Bapir  (Austria 2018) 31:00 

*Filmmaker in Attendance!

CREA Sept 8 1:00 PM
Love in diaspora, against her family’s approval Nasrin falls in love with the lead of a Kurdish gypsy-style music band performing in public places in Vienna.
About Can Bapir:
From a village near Kobane in Rojava (Western Kurdistan), Can is presently studying acting and film directing at an arts institute in Austria. He has also published 14 fiction and poetry books and has directed seven short films, documentaries and Tv episodes.
 2019   Shorts

Cavy World Cup

Dir. Maria Philips (Netherlands, 2017) 10:39

Nautilus 11:15 AM Friday Sept 6




This quirky story captures the meet-cute of a professional Hamster groomer and a fishmonger. It made me laugh and smile throughout, and is simply a visually-appealing nugget in our festival lineup that features detailed styling and charming use of color. Finding love in unexpected places takes on a delightful new meaning!

Amy Peterson

Cavy World Cup 600x300 2019   Shorts

Cold Storage

Dir. Thomas Freundlich  (Finland, 2016) 8:45
Nautilus Sept 6 11:15 AM
Why do Cro-Magnon men frozen in time love to party? Thaw out Brendan Fraser circa 1992 for this one!
Cold Storage 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Copy Shop

Dir. Virgil Widrich (Austria, 2001) 12:00

Nautilus Sept 6 12:45 PM


This short is certainly for film lovers! The Oscar-nominated classic of 2001, which won 37 international awards, shows a man getting caught up in the routine of his copy shop job which has implications on his identity. Animated by Virgil Widrich using 18,000 xeroxed frames, we hope viewers will appreciate the homage to Chaplin-era silents that illustrates a very modern crisis of the human psyche.

Amy Peterson

Copyshop 600x300 2019   Shorts

Dante vs. Mohammed Ali

Dir. Marc Wagenaar (Netherlands, Belgium, 2018) 28:00

Nautilus Sept 6 4:45 PM

Twenty-year-old Wolf is living in the boxing village of the Netherlands. When he has to fight against his best friend Alexander during a weekly match, he refuses. A rematch is confirmed, which brings Wolf’s feelings and emotions to a boiling point. He tries to convince Alexander to join him leaving the village, but his overly romantic message runs into a wall.
Dante vs Mohammed Ali 1 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Ali Asadollahi (Iran, 2018) 14:00

Nautilus Sept 6 12:45 PM


Director’s Statement: We now live in a world where difference of opinion among humans is defined in a way that everyone thinks that they’re the only one that is right and it’s always the others who are wrong. Sometimes this difference of opinion culminates in a denial of reality.

Laura and I agree: A fantastically creative take on the current problem of “reality as a matter of opinion”. What are objective facts anymore? Is it mass delusion? Can we have a conversation based on logic when there is no agreed upon frame of reference?

Difference 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. David (DAVI.IN) Aufdembrinke (Germany, Sri Lanka, Thailand, 2018) 22:22
Nautilus Sept 6 2:45 PM
Ridden by thoughts of death and failing his life, a young man tries out what happens if he assumes that everything was possible … and goes far beyond anything he ever imagined.

I wasn’t sure if I felt relief because it cathartically resonated my postmodern anxiety or felt more anxiety because it seems like an unending battle…perhaps, if anything, solace to know I am not alone. AN

Dream Life 1 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Sara T. Gama (USA, 2017) 11:38

Nautilus Sept 6 12:45 PM


The day I am writing this was a rough day.  It was one of those days where the cards are stacked against you…and then like a ray of awesome-ness, I talked to director Sara T. Gama and remembered clearly why  I devoted my life to be a platform for filmmakers who are dedicated to the craft and the power of interconnectedness cinema creates. You know the feeling, when you first speak with someone and that instant “I must have known you in a former lifetime” uncanny connection. Well she was thrilled that I truly understood the meaning of her film, and I was thrilled that she was thrilled and then we were talking Ladyhawke (RIP Rutger Hauer), late 70s culture, rock, politics, and everything in between. She is the newest edition to the Manifesto family…welcome…people like you make all of my efforts worth it ten fold!
Alexandra Nakelski
A teen tells her mom she is going to a movie with a friend when really they are hitting the big city with her new driver’s license to a see a punk band.  She is meeting live for the first time a boy she met online…she is a rocker, a rebel teen, and oh yeah…she is Muslim…her hijab seems to be more controversial than any spike collar ever could be.  Gama’s brilliant fusion of the outsider culture of punk rock and Islam is brilliant in its message. I would argue that it challenges both Western preconceived notions…and traditional Islamic norms. Sometimes when you take time to actually regard the “Other” you end up seeing yourself. AN
Drive 600x300 2019   Shorts

Easy Pickins

Dir. Will Hartman  (USA, 2007)  12:00
Nautilus Sept 8 10:00 AM
Two thugs’ plan to rob a little old lady doesn’t go as planned. (This was my father’s top pick then… and still is! He loves “Senior Power”!) AN
easy pickins 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Anahí Sotelo García and Iria Aboal Díaz (Spain, 2019) 3:49
Nautilus 11:15 Am Friday Sept 6
Packing as much weirdness and quirkiness into three and half minutes that you can! Compact madness…and who doesn’t love good ol’ fashioned stop motion animation?!
Elvis 600x300 2019   Shorts

Error 404

Dir. Kays Khalil (Germany, Portugal, Egypt, Tunisia, 2017)  7:07
The “B” Sept 8 10:30 AM


After enduring years of harassment from the police, Mohamed Bouazizi comes to a decision. On December 17th, 2010, he publicly sets himself on fire. This is where Error 404 takes up its narrative about the beginnings of the Arab Spring.
error 404 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Anna Sobolevksa  (Ukraine, 2017) 23:49
Nautilus Sept 8 3:00 PM
Once upon a time in the nearest future humanity overcome the death by digitizing the human’s souls. So, we will be granted with Eternity. But what happened if Eternity faced with Love?
The whole transhumanist movement and desire for the Singularity has both fascinated me and left me melancholy.  Uploading your consciousness to digital eternity is more like a prison than defeating mortality. Where do “you” go? Mainframes and electricity go down all the time. How do you know when you die that it is not something wonderful? This short is beautifully poetic and haunting and what sci-fi is all about. AN
Eternity 600x300 2019   Shorts

Excuse Me, I'm Looking for the Ping-Pong Room and My Girlfriend

Dir. Bernhard Wenger  (Germany, Austria, 2018) 23:11
Nautilus Sept 6  2:45PM
I think since the film is in fragments/streams of random consciousness, the synopsis shall be pieces of what the screeners had to say when watching it off the tops of their heads:
Well shot and set in a stunning location. I can’t help but feel like the spa/resort is the star of the show here. HH
Sweet, and cool – very first-world, Lost in Translation vibe- SA
A character just as clean and impersonal as the arena. It’s like he doesn’t wanna go back to reality. Just staying in that spa for ever and ever. I think it is a perfect (dystopian) metaphor for how some people use the Internet or virtual reality as perpetual cycle of nothingness.  Avoid everything that you find difficult or unpleasant and live in your own bubble, anonymously. LH
Love the films where the location is also a “character”- the endless search for something, when at the end, you find that to just step away is reward in itself. AN
Excuse me Im looking for the ping pong table and also my girlfriend 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Farewell to the Ark

Dir. Yi-Feng Chang (Taiwan, 2019) 25:00
Nautilus sept 8 5:00 PM
Indie Shorts Mag’s Nimisha Menon nails it in this review:
“Jie and Shizuko are strangers to one another in reality. But, in the virtual world, they are each other’s confidantes. Perhaps a relatable theme of the present times, where everyone’s closest relationship is with their screen and not the person sitting next to them, ‘Farewell To The Ark’ is everyone’s cup of tea. Jie and Shizuko’s world is an online game where their real persona falls paler in comparison to their virtual avatar. Director Yi-Feng Chang’s debut film, at 25:58 minutes bears themes of drama, tragedy and parallel narratives that sway between the past and the present. Rest assured, it isn’t for the frivolous.”
To read more:
Farewell to the Ark 1 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir.  Luke Murphy (Ireland, 2018) 11:42
Nautilus Sept 6 12:45 PM

From The Film Scene’s Emily Thomas:

“Feel is a sensory ode to lost love. Inspired by Blade Runner and Her, the short unravels a broken relationship and the confusion and hurt felt by the protagonist Olivia upon its conclusion. She falls in love, has her heart broken, and eventually comes to a shocking realization about her boyfriend.”
FEEL 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Sjoerd de Bont (Netherlands, 2019) 7:47
Nautilus Sept 8 11:45 PM
Cyclical, sci-fi/dystopian society vibes with good production. It’s not trying to make any huge points or save the world, but I felt it was a good, short ride.
Danny Osborne
Flashback 600x300 2019   Shorts

Funky Lola

Dir. Julio Mas Alcaraz (Spain, 2017) 16:41

The “B” Sept 8 4:00 PM


I was, at times, uncomfortable while watching this short film, and at times saddened for the desperation that Lola experiences that drives her to make a questionable decision in order to support her family. Lola is undoubtedly past her prime, but with many healthy years left to live, she must find a way to survive in a cruel world where it seems the only way to be of worth to society is to create a fantasy version of herself. A pervasive theme in our festival, but taken from a different perspective.

Amy Peterson

Funky Lola 600x300 2019   Shorts

Generation YouTube

Dir. Felix Meinhardt (Germany, 2018)  11:23
The “B” Sept 8 4:00 PM
I can relate to many parts of the story because  I have personally witnessed similar events.   I’m guessing the true story they are basing this on is about the couple on youtube who tried to make a video of them shooting a large book to stop the bullet, which ended up killing their partner. It dealt with the idea of stress from the need to create and also the concept of burnout. The idea that the outside world, in this case the parents, don’t care is a nice touch. (from a YouTuber who knows first hand the necessity of creating content!)
Tatiana Pirogova
Generation You Tube 1 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Krste Gospodinovski (Macedonia, 2018) 15:00

Nautilus Sept 8 1:30 PM


Mixed medium animation as mental illness. The two art styles used in this film (rotoscoping and stop motion) each serve to heighten the other’s plunge into uncanny valley territory, forcing the viewer to share in protagonist’s sense of unease.

Or, put more simply, just a damn cool animated short.

Laura De La O

image 1 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Alejandro Montalvo (Mexico, 2017) 14 min
Nautilus Sept 8 10:00 AM



On his 57th birthday, a man decides to do what is necessary to redeem a lifetime of hunger.


Not what I would go for in a mid life crisis but to each their own!
Diana Nakelski
HAMBRE 001 600x300 2019   Shorts

Happy New Year

Dir. Brandon Grötzinger, Wander Theunis (Netherlands, 2018) 8:51
*Filmmakers in Attendance!
The Rialto Sept 8 1:45 PM
This film was excellent. Shot in one location, which was so effective for the story. For me, it highlighted the importance of listening to someone when they are otherwise difficult to work with. The character uses empathy and humanity to help a person in need. She was able to go beyond the mundanity of her job in order to help a stranger deal with a personal crisis. It reminded me of my Starbucks days, when my work sometimes went beyond just making a simple cup of coffee.
Amy Peterson
Happy New Year 600x300 2019   Shorts

In Full Bloom

Dir. Maegan Houang (USA, 2018) 10:40
Nautilus Sept 8 10:00 AM
In Full Bloom is a surrealist short film about overcoming the loss of a partner within the parameters of living as a female Vietnamese immigrant.
After her husband’s death, Cecile becomes an agoraphobic hoarder, paradoxically practicing what she loves — gardening — indoors, without the help of direct sunlight. She orders worms to grow a rare flower.
In Full Bloom 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Into My Life

Dir.  Ivana Hucikova, Sarah Keeling, Grace Remington (USA, 2018) 15:00
The “B” Sept 6 12:15 PM
Growing up in the largest affordable housing cooperative in Brooklyn, Cassandra’s world was artfully framed by her mother’s Super-8 camera. Today, Cassandra examines and edits these films, gaining insight into the challenges her mother faced as a creative Black woman and the importance of her vision.
Part of our “Celluloid Heroes” program and testament to the lost art of archiving.  Images of 8MM look as dreams do. A far off memory, a life lived long ago. Will we sort through digital images years from now with the same fondness and nostalgia? AN
Into My Life 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Sjoerd Martens (Netherlands, 2018) 5:08
Nautilus Sept 8 7:00 PM
“We are constantly leaving traces of our existence behind in our surroundings but we also have the urge to erase them as quickly as possible. They normally do not capture our attention, either because of their everydayness or perceived ugliness. The hidden beauty and purity of the human traces are what I want to immortalize so that they can be experienced differently and infinitely. Consequently, the subjects are no longer taken for granted. It is thus reminiscent of archeology, but with a different purpose and an unconventional mean.”
Invitation 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Radheya Jegatheva (Australia, 2018) 7:53
Nautilus Sept 8 5:00 PM
A film that explores the relationship between man and technology…told from the perspective of a phone.
A perfect addition to our Constructed Identity compilation.
iRony 600x300 2019   Shorts

I Made This for Mum

Dir. Melanie Essink (Netherlands, 2018) 22:15
Nautilus Sept 7 1:15 PM
Seven years after losing her Mum to cancer, 11 year-old Eve still struggles to communicate her feelings to her father. In order to connect with her past, she makes a film for the mother she never got to know.
IMadeThisForMum MelanieEssink Filmstill 01 600x300 2019   Shorts

I Must Upgrade!

Dir. Oliver Denyer  (UK, 2019) 3:50

(With feature film Camp Wedding)

When the iPhone X came out, my phone looked like a blocky piece of crap. That feeling inspired this song. It’s about a prince who desperately wants to keep up with the latest technology.

Oliver Denyer

I must upgrade 1 400x600 2019   Shorts


Dir. Lorenzo Lodovichi (Italy, 2018) 2:25
Nautilus Sept 8 5:00 PM
A political manifestation is unfolding. At one point a Molotov is thrown at the cops. It’s a clash. Camilla helps a wounded person among the protesters, climbs into the ambulance, crosses the security barrier and immediately gets out of the running vehicle to find herself in front of a mysterious palace.
i occupy still4 600x300 2019   Shorts

Kein Problem

Dir. Magnus Millang (Denmark, 2017) 19:08
The “B” Sept 8 2:00 PM
Copenhagen, late 1990s. When the lead singer of Denmark’s second-best cover band calls in sick, the band’s two insecure backup singers start backstabbing each other over the role as lead singer for the night. Who knew that jambands could be the scene of a life-or-death drama? May the best man in denim shorts and denim vest win.
Kein Problem 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

La Mort, père & fils

Dir. Paronnaud Vincent and Waltgenwitz Denis (France, 2017) 13:32

Nautilus Sept 8 1:30 PM

Death’s son doesn’t want to continue the family business. Instead, he has a secret dream to become a guardian angel, this will trigger a succession of disasters. His dad will have to get him out of this mess.
Let mort pere et fils 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Last Day of Limbo

Dir. Jason Ward (USA, 2008) 15:00
The “B” Sept 8 12:15 PM

Jason Ward sent this film (on DVD) to me and my colleague many moons ago (2008) as a submission…and we couldn’t stop laughing.  Satire is the best form of calling things out…so yes, while religion can be most often non-sensical, Last Days is majorly endearing.  If people could just have a bit more humor..maybe political/religious discussions would be more productive. Fitting perfectly into our “Losing My Religion” program, this comedy is the example of a perfect low budget short…great acting, great script “Old school humor”, and so relatable…

Alexandra Nakelski
Last Days of LImbo 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Last Stop

Dir. Héctor Dávila Cabrera (Mexico, 2017) 5:46
Nautilus Sept 8 3:00 PM
Chicken Brains…with a lot of chili and lime! Mexican street food…humanity’s Last Stop.
Last Stop 600x300 2019   Shorts

Laughter and Forgetting

Hawraz Mohammed (Kurdistan, 2018) 13:36  

CREA Sept 8 1:00 PM


People are gathered in a tea shop that no longer is able to serve tea as the country is blocked from importing tea. The coalition forces are bombarding all places. Lack of tea has given people headaches. At last, the representative of the coalition forces brings them an offer to provide tea if they accept their conditions. This short film symbolically narrates the story of annexing Southern Kurdistan to Iraq in 1921.
 2019   Shorts

Lone Wolf

Dir. Hero Hemmingsley (Netherlands, 2018) 17:11 
Nautilus Sept 8 11:45 AM
A young man prepares himself to commit a terror attack. Arriving at the scene he has chosen for his assault, he bumps into another youngster visiting the same location. A short film in one take, filmed from the perspective of both perpetrator and victim.
Lone wolf 600x300 2019   Shorts

Looking for God

Dir. Zirek Mira (Kurdistan, 2007) 6:34 
CREA Sept 8 3:15 PM
Perhaps one of the most courageous film to come out of the region, Looking for God is commentary about the current political system in the country. It is an abstract and symbolic portrayal of a leader addressing the masses.
Zirek Mira
A renowned Kurdish sculptor whose symbolic works have shown in major cities such as Sulaimania, Baghdad, Kirkuk, Kobane, and Sydney, Australia. He made two visual and symbolic short films as part of a workshop by filmmaker Jano Rosebiani in Erbil.
 2019   Shorts

Make Aliens Dance

Dir.SEBASTIEN PETRETTI (Belgium, UK 2018) 24:00

The “B” Sept 8 2:00 PM


Why did we select a film that is nearly void of a soundtrack to be in our music program? The story follows three characters struggling with the aftermath of the loss of Mazzy, a young singer with a superb voice. When her music is finally unveiled, you realize how the seemingly disconnected characters in the story are all intimately connected. The idea of broadcasting this young ingenue’s music to the stars above is a truly lovely way of honoring her departure from Earth.

Amy Peterson

Make Aliens dance 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Ryan Nagata (USA, 2009) 14:00
Nautilus Sept 6 12:45 PM


Commander Walcott once again rids the scourge of the De-Nublians from planet Earth! Or has he…? Sci-fi comedy at its best!
Marooned 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Santiago Menghini (Canada, 2018) 9:30

Nautilus Sept 7 1:15 PM

When your mother tells you not to drink out of the carton and use a glass…you better!
Milk 600x300 2019   Shorts

Minor Key

Dir. Ivan Sainz-Pardo (Spain, 2018) 11:49

Nautilus Sept 8 10:00 AM


A touching short, “Tono Menor ” (Minor Key), is a story about family, memory, Sunday lunch and cod. A key change in the family nearly pulls them apart but it’s ultimately the fish that gets them back on track.
Hugh Holds
Minor Key 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Leonard Garner (Germany, 2017) 10:00
Nautilus Sept 6 4:45 PM
A pair of thirty-somethings picks up a young, attractive black man for a threesome. As they review the experience, they probe each other, masking their own insecurities with hipster irony and provocation, including homophobic and racist jokes. Soon the situation turns very embarrassing for them.
MMF 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Modern Love

Dir. Itamar Gross (Israel, 2018) 12:13

The “B” Sept 8 4:00 PM


I thought this was quite a good representation on not only modern relationships, and/or love, but also a reflection on how some people find it easier to be expressive and open online. However, quite often, behind the safety of their keyboards, they contrive their identities to the point of faking emotions in order to make themselves more interesting.

Tatiana Pirogova

Modern Love 600x300 2019   Shorts

Molotov Man

Dir. Joris Weerts (Netherlands, 2016) 26:00
Nautilus Sept 8 11:45 AM
A film about bureaucracy driving a victim to become a villain. Maybe it was a choice by the filmmaker to make the representation of the terrorist neighbors limited (almost non existent)? By only showing two instances of violence in a story that spans ten years, the conflict is really between the protagonist and an unhelpful police force, not the neighbors. But the main character’s constant assertions about the “trailer trash” felt hollow (if not entirely based on paranoia alone), which made his  slow “descent” into madness feel more inevitable than tragic.
Laura De La O
Molotov Man 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir.Shu Zhu (USA, 2018) 17:00
Nautilus Sept 6 12:45 PM
An Asian-American actress struggles to revive her career in the sexually commodified entertainment industry. In the wake of an impending transformation, we observe the banality of her daily routine as her mental state slowly deteriorates.
Every year I cannot but help to include a valentine to LA…and that can also mean being critical while simultaneously loving the culture. I could completely identify with this….wanting your dream to come true, but realizing you no longer want to participate in the “hustle” required to get there…  I remember one time  being asked to attend the glitzy gatherings featured here in this film… to go get drinks at the hot spots was absolutely thrilling…now it seems fake and exhausting.  One thing is for sure, you must evolve…you cannot play the same game in your 40s that you did in your 20s. AN
Moth1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Morgen Kommt Kein Weihnachtsmann

Dir. Anna Ludwig (Germany, 2018) 15:00
Nautilus Sept 7 1:15 PM

Two brothers scour the neighborhood for a Father Christmas so mom won’t be disappointed this year. I know tons of holiday movies claim theirs displays the “true meaning” of Christmas..but these neighbors, the mean landlord and the resourceful kids even got this Old Scrooge into the festive spirit…in July! AN

Morgen kommt kein Weihnachtsmann Still 5 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Organic Reach

Dir. Tom Diffenthal  (UK, 2019) 8:21

The “B” Sept 8 4:00 PM


When I first watched this film, I questioned its authenticity in delivering a critique on the mediocrity of YouTube content. The main character is, perhaps, an exaggeration of the masses of everyday people trying to create their own space in a digital world. But then an introspective realization made me come to terms with the mediocrity of my own digital presence. Why do we feel the need to “brand” ourselves and limit our ability to create something real by merely capturing the things we like for others to validate us? Perhaps this film hit a little too close to home, and that is why it needs to be seen and discussed.

Amy Peterson

Organic reach 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Justin Giddings and Ryan Welsh (USA, 2018) 17:29

Nautilus Sept 6 4:45 PM


It has been a long time since I have seen such detailed story boards for an independent short film. And it has been an equally long time since I have seen a sci-fi short with the production value of Outpost. Part of the joy of the genre’s conventions is spectacular effects and Giddings and Welsh do not disappoint. AN
OUtpost 600x300 2019   Shorts

Phildel: The Deep

Dir. Youri Dekker (UK 2018) 4:34
Nautilus Sept 8 1:30 PM
The official music video for Phildel’s song, “The Deep”. Ramsey has just dealt with the loss of a close companion, and is trying to move on to find out which path to take next.
Exquisite animation you can’t see anywhere else is one of the many satisfying rewards of being involved in the film festival industry. AN
Phidel the Deep 600x300 2019   Shorts

Post-Historical Dreaming

Dir. Rumena Trendafilova (Austria, Bulgaria, 2018) 18:22
Nautilus Sept 8 7:00 PM
Post-historical dreaming is a film which uses fiction as a mode of criticism and reconsideration of pressing societal memories. Bulgaria has moved on from the communist regime, but has yet to recover. While the crave for a future and abandonment of the past is stronger than the feeling of nostalgia, the Gods of this future require a sacrifice of the old icons.
The icons of the past are replications of a former utopia: The movie is telling the socialist monuments’ hidden stories. From the perspective of a dreamlike state, it is looking for the life and death, ambition and lost cause, belief and rejection, all hidden behind a concrete façade. An ambivalent quest for rebellion and peace between a society in transition and utopias of the past… In a desperate search for balance…
In a world of post-facts, post reality, post everything we once knew… this film encapsulates the disorientation one feels in our postmodern world of never- ending information that may or may not be reliable…suffering collectively from historical amnesia. A Stoner Academic’s dream…AN
Post historical 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Prophecy of the Encounter

Dir. Ati Maier (USA, 2019) 14:12

Nautilus Sept 8 7:00 PM


The “Space-Rider” is back from last year to visit our festival!

I enjoyed this slow-paced, trippy film which gives a glimpse of life on a Native American Indian reservation. The fictional short incorporates the Lakota Nation origin story, as told by a Lakota elder over gorgeous scenes of horses and riders moving through the grassy tablelands of South Dakota. The film depicts a version of the conclusion of their origin story, as the Lakota prepare to return to the Pleaides star cluster. I’d love to see more films made by or in collaboration with the world’s First Nations peoples, as they have unique and fascinating stories to tell. 2019 is the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages, and I think it’s especially fitting that this film and story be screened at the festival this year.

Karen Peterson

Prophecy of the Encounter 600x300 2019   Shorts

Rabbid Jacob (graphic content)

Dir. Donovan Alonso-Garcia (France, Belgium, 2017) 19:20
Nautilus 11:15 AM Friday Sept 6
Porn, the Apocalypse, a Rabbid Rabbi, and a menorah made of d-@$%!’s
The rest you just gotta see to believe.
*actor Kevin Dudjasienski from previous Manifesto films : Cruelle est la nuit and Life is Strange is back in a most memorable supporting role!
Rabbid Jacob 600x300 2019   Shorts

Radio Voorwaarts

Dir. Mateo Vega  (Netherlands, 2018) 20:00

*Filmmaker in Attendance!

The “B” Sept 8 2:00 PM


I love when I see a film, then read the director’s statement and it exactly what I just though in viewing the film! AN
Threatened with eviction from their alternative community, an ensemble of misfits give one last party to simultaneously mourn and celebrate the end of their beloved space.
Director Statement:
Sometimes a house, a space, can be so full of personal and collective history, so important for the lives of the individuals that inhabit it, that the loss of it can feel like the loss of a loved one. Radio Voorwaarts is a short film that began with this feeling.I started working on the script right after the loss of a real place, a house where friends of mine lived: a place where there was space to create and do things differently without being crippled by the exponentially rising rent prices in our hometown of Amsterdam. With this project, my aim was to explore the subjective and emotional feelings of loss that accompany urban renewal. These feelings are not specific to Amsterdam, in my view, there is increasingly less space for deviance and creativity in urban spaces in general.
Radio Voorworts 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Eugenio Villani and Raffaele Palazzo (Italy, 2018) 8:27
The “B” Sept 8 12:15 PM


Shopping for religion is like shopping for yogurt, same stuff inside..different packaging. Excellent satire on the absurdity of how religion’s tendencies of fostering co-dependence and that of consumer culture has much in common. AN
Relicious 1 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Rosto  (Netherlands, 2018) 14:30
Nautilus Sept 8 1:30 PM
Nautilus Sept 8 7:00 PM
Everything’s different but nothing has changed. A trip through a sunken maze of memories and dreams.
Out of all the submissions we received this one spoke best to my postmodern disorientation. My pre-Internet, pre 9/11 life seems like a rerun I watch on TV, did it really exist? Does it still exist but on a parallel timeline that I seemed to have skipped off of? What happened at CERN that made everything go wacky?! Get in touch with me if you feel the same…AN
Reruns 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Thora Hilmarsdottir (Iceland, 2017) 24:29
The “B” Sept 8 12:15 PM
Katrin wakes up in the hospital after a serious car accident to find that she has received a life-saving blood transfusion. However, the religious cult she belongs to forbids such things. As Katrin struggles to reconcile this conflict with her church and family, she begins to become obsessed with the stranger whose blood is now flowing through her veins.
Salvation 1 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Arjan Brentjes (Netherlands, 2017) 4:48

*Filmmaker in Attendance!

Nautilus Sept 6 2:45 PM


You get up at five, eat your vitamins, take some water with your coffee, work for a few hours, eat your omegas and flavonoids, work a little more, get some exercise and then take a shower. But don’t bother trying to wash the sand out of your hair.

Sand 600x300 2019   Shorts

San Miguel

Dir. Cris Gris (Mexico, 2018) 18:00

The “B” Sept 8 12:15 PM



In order to heal her grieving mother, Ana, a devout 9-year-old girl, pushes her faith to its limit in hopes of divine intervention. Religion is a powerful force throughout the world, that motivates people to make both meaningful and horrific decisions. The loss of a loved one is often a defining moment that forces grievers to decide what their religion means to them. Ana’s own journey in the film recalls the innocence of youth and the risk associated with putting your faith in imagined divinity to save you from despair.

Amy Peterson 

san miguel 1 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Anna Spence (USA, 2018) 4:16
Nautilus Sept 8 7:00 PM

Booted from the limelight, Max Headroom now roves the video signal on the search for meaning. Once summoned to the screen, he talks to the audience in hopes of remembering his past life. As we watch Max, (and as he continues to watch us), he begins to understand what it will take to escape from his purgatory.

Wow, I always DID wonder what happened to Max Headroom.  I also always kind of felt sorry for him…where does he go? What does he DO? Just float around..does he talk to the TRON gang?  Again I will mention the transhumanists who want to upload themselves to digital information. No Thanks. AN
SDtoHDuprezMax 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Short Calf Muscle

Dir. Victoria Warmerdam (Netherlands, 2019) 13:00

The Rialto Sept 8 1:45 PM


I thought this was an interesting take on institutionalized racism and prejudice. The main character (and the audience) sees himself completely different from the way the rest of the world sees him. It questions the notion that identity is solely self-driven or solely external. It also questions whether his alleged physical appearance is what defines his character. Rest assured, though, you will enjoy the dry humor as actor Henry van Loon portrays the growing exasperation of being treated as an “other.”

Amy Peterson

Short Calf Muscle 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir.王若尘  (China, 2018) 15:28
Nautilus Sept 8 5:00 PM
In a near future, Siri, the Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant, is becoming more intelligent. It can not only solve all the problems in life but also has owned self-consciousness and begins to reflect on the meaning of its existence. A photographer who usually relies on Siri to do chores one day dashed the phone against the floor in an unpleasant conversation with it.
My response to Siri and Alexa:
“Open the pod bay doors HAL!”
“I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”
We all saw how that worked out….Alexandra Nakelski
Siri 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Niels Bourgonje (Netherlands, Iceland, 2018) 10:00

The Rialto Sept 8 1:45 PM
While on vacation with his girlfriend, Gijs receives a phone call from his mother, that reveals her troubled mental state and their complex relationship.
Skogafoss 1 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Fabienne Giezendanner (Switzerland, 2017) 12:15

Nautilus Sept 6 2:45 PM


A critique on consumer culture, where owning a home defines success, and extravagance is rewarded with complications. Capitalism is built on a house of cards, and this animated depiction of those values gives that concept a literal, visual interpretation.

Amy Peterson

Skyscrapers 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Scott Robertson  (Netherlands, 2018) 3:20

Nautilus Sept 6 4:45 PM

Robertson’s Statement:
We all unload our fear and anxieties onto our loved ones, it comes hand in hand with love. Though we now live in a world where relationships are more fragile then ever and simple values easily become lost in translation.
Subside 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir.  Joel Villegas Saldaña (USA, 2018) 18:12
The “B” Sept 8 2:00 PM
A gifted musician, disillusioned with his reality of mediocre bar gigs and suffocating home life, looks to break free from a community that seems to share few of his aspirations.
For an old school metal head, this totally rocked for me. Dan Chavez-Wright of 3D Friends delivers such a sincere performance you would feel this borders on documentary. And shout out to director Joel Villegas Saldaña  and co writer Kevin Theal for spotlighting the importance of metal and rock in the Latino community…growing up in New Mexico, in the 80s, I know this genre of music runs deep in the demographic and I sparsely see it represented in such a significant way as it has been in Subterra!
Alexandra Nakelski
Subterra 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

The 9ª

Dir. Daniel H. Torrado  (Spain, 2019) 14:00
The “B” Sept 8 10:30 AM
I have kind of been trying to stay clear of war films this year yet I  am fascinated to see some films in the circuit indicating that a portion of the population  in Spain is nostalgic for Franco and in Russia, for Stalin.  The romantic side of me always pictured the EU much like the Federation in Star Trek..an alliance built of diverse members all  being wise and progressive. But then I get saddened when I hear talk of the EU fragmenting, when I thought beyond economic benefits, it was an alliance so something like WWII could never happen again. In my naiveté, I figured that alliance was solid and trail-blazed the future. I think this film stirred up those thoughts in the back of my head and makes me wonder the face of future global socio-political structures.
Alexandra Nakelski
The 9a 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

The Chimerical Museum of Shifting Shapes

Dir. Damian Alquichire (Colombian 2017) 3:42

Nautilus Sept 8 1:30 PM


I am a sucker for experimental animation, and this did not disappoint. This piece seems to be less about telling a story, and more about creating a feeling…and that feeling is anxiety. The combination of tense orchestral music and the frantic animation style managed to cause a sense of panic without any real narrative. The second it ended I couldn’t decide if I wanted to re-watch it or take a stress nap. It’s an excellent mixed medium experiment.

Laura De La O

The Chimerical Museum of shifting shapes 600x300 2019   Shorts

The Fog

Dir. Ferdi Taskir  (Kurdistan/Turkey, 2019) 19:45 

CREA Sept 8 3:15 PM


Kevok and Agit, who have escaped to Istanbul due to the destruction of their historic town of Sur in the Kurdistan Diyarbekr region and the expropriation of their home by the state, come face to face with uncertainties about their futures.


Mij THE FOG 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

The Funeral Dancer

Dir. Natalie MacMahon (Germany, 2019) 9:00
The “B” Sept 8 4:00 PM
“The Funeral Dancer” is a thought-provoking film about “media-tized” cultures in which everything is a social media event that needs to be shared virtually to gain social capital. By depicting a high-concept futuristic scenario with colorful tones and manipulated reality, the director comments the undercurrents of all-encompassing contemporary social media consumption with wit and style. (by Largo Film Awards)

I would also add that the sheer number of mediocre content and epidemic of self-importance is relevant to note. I feel I have to hack through the banality with a machete to get to quality and pertinent content. The quest for self-validation, I believe, defeats its own purpose. AN

The Funeral Dancer 600x300 2019   Shorts

The Future That We Lost

Dir. Wenqian Gao (China, France, 2018) 8:08
Nautilus Sept 8 1:30 PM
Just as humans today imagine the world a century in the future, ancient humans also envisioned themselves in future scenarios where we are now today. There is no way for us to know whether the visions of the future can be realized, but we can predict it by referring to the discrepancy between past imagination by ancient people and the realities of today which were used to be future for them. I reviewed different versions about 21st century by ancient people in a differing century from the following points: architecture, technology, urban design and lifestyle. I constructed a parallel world according to what the ancient people have failed to accomplish and abandoned designs.
The Future that We Lost 600x300 2019   Shorts

The Last Embrace

Dir. Saman Hosseinpuor  (Iran, 2019) 4:01

CREA Sept 8 3:15 PM


A little girl wants to show her drawing to her family, but everybody is busy with their cell phones. She goes to her grandpa who has just passed away a few minutes earlier without anybody noticing it.

THe LAst Embrace 600x300 2019   Shorts

The Last Five Minutes of the World

Dir. Jürgen Heimüller  (Germany, 2019) 8:22
Nautilus Sept 8 3:00 PM
In contrast to A Star to Steer Her By,  this gang chooses to bust open a brewsky instead of introspective contemplation. Too bad you only get this experience once, because I am personally torn between the two methods of enjoying the last moments of impeding annihilation. AN
LAst Five minutes of the world 600x300 2019   Shorts

The Mandarin Tree

Dir. Cengiz Akaygün (Germany, 2018) 18:00
CREA Sept 8 3:15 PM
After her father is arrested for political reasons by the Turkish government, little Sirin is finally allowed to visit him in prison for the first time. When a prison official interprets her painting of a bird as an anarchistic symbol and confiscates it, the girl is devastated, but her father encourages her to believe in the freedom of thought. For her second visit, she paints a “harmless” mandarin tree. – Will her hidden message be discovered?
THE MANDARIN TREE Still 07 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

The Nixie

Dir. Julia Bui Ngoc and  Mai Bui Ngoc (Poland, 2018) 19:12
Nautilus Sept 6 4:45 PM
The Nixie is a dark folk tale, based on an old Polish legend. It tells the story of a water nymph who takes on a human form to seduce a young man she encounters in the forest.  A coming-of-age fairytale, “The Fairy of Switez Lake” is a modern, seductive, filmic poem with a catchy new wave soundtrack for this timeless cautionary tale.


The Nixie 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

The Overcoat

Dir. Ian Boisvert (Netherlands, 2017) 7:03 

Nautilus Sept 8 11:45 AM


As a film score nerd from a young age (John Williams, James Horner, Danny Elfman, etc.), my excitement bubbled over when I saw-or rather listened to-this film. Featuring an original score that conveys movement and emotion simultaneously, The Overcoat is, in the director’s words, “an impression of the trials we go through to try and fit in where we hope to belong. The original jazz score punctuates the way our minds improvise and interpret events in our lives. It’s not a perfect story. We don’t live perfect lives.” I couldn’t agree more.

Amy Peterson

the overcoat 600x300 2019   Shorts

The Pattern

Dir. Azad Jannati (Iran, 2018) 7:00
CREA Sept 8 3:15 PM
This short film is inspired by the real events pertaining to the 1988 chemical attack of Halabja, Iraq. The film captures the last moments of a traditional rug being woven, as the weaver reflects on her feelings and what she has been through; although in reality not all the patterns in her mind have made it into the rug.
The Pattern 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

There Was a Country

Dir. Hebun Polat (Turkey, 2018) 4:00
CREA Sept 8 3:15 PM
The story of an elderly woman and grandchildren trying to hold onto life again after the war.
Hebun Polat was born in 1992 in Diyarbakır Sur. He has been working in cinema sector for 6 years in various series and film projects. There was a Country is his first short film. He currently works for the Mezopotamya Sinema Kollektifi/ Yapım13.
There Was a Country 600x300 2019   Shorts

The Traffic Separating Device

Dir. Johan Palmgren (Sweden, 2018) 15:00
Nautilus Sept 6 2:45 PM
A traffic separating device is installed in the middle of Stockholm. It is supposed to keep normal cars away and only let buses pass. It turns into a disaster as normal cars continue to go there and hundreds of cars get destroyed every week. Tragic and funny situations occur and we follow the whole mess of human failures.
Maybe I am being biased because for once it isn’t American infrastructure f-ing up and us being dumbasses..or maybe it is because I find people f-ing their cars up hilarious…I can watch people being stupid all day…I would live in Stockholm  and stand on this corner for entertainment…and that old guy that got stuck was so wasted! AHAHHAHA ..I want to go to Sweden now on holiday just to watch people f- up their cars….Ah luv it!
Alexandra Nakelski
traffic seperating device 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

The Transfer

Dir. Michael Grudsky (Israel, 2017) 22:24
The “B” Sept 8 10:30 AM
Erez, an Israeli commissioned officer, and two other soldiers have been ordered to transfer a prisoner to Megiddo prison. Along the way, a conflict arises that forces the young officer to surpass himself in order to solve the situation.
the transfer 600x300 2019   Shorts

Third Kind

Dir. Yorgos Zois (Greece, 2018) 30min
Nautilus Sept 8 3:00 PM
30 min of 30 MM beauty.
A bit Kubrick, a bit Tarkovsky in its pace, this is definitely the type of sci-fi for people that love to just get swept away in the methodical slow pace and gorgeous cinematographyAN
Earth has been abandoned long time now and the human race has found refuge in outer space. Three archeologists return to Earth to investigate where a mysterious five tone signal is coming from…
Third Kind 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Three August Days

Dir. Madli Lääne  (Estonia, 2018) 20:00

Nautilus Sept 7 1:15 PM


Set in 1990’s Estonia amid political upheaval, this sweet coming-of-age story follows an Estonian girl learning to flirt with a rough-around-the-edges Russian boy without the benefit of sharing a common language. While her nation fights to overthrow Russian Communist rule, the girl steals money from her grandma and sneaks out of home to purchase the one item that she believes can bring her together with her love interest: highly sought-after and difficult to acquire Coca-Cola. Kids will be kids even as the world shifts underneath them, but they have great capacity to look past differences in others to find and forge bonds over what many adults would consider minor commonalities.

Karen Peterson

Three August Days4 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Till the End of the World

Dir. Florence Bouvy (Netherlands, 2018) 26:33

*Filmmaker in Attendance!

The Rialto Sept 8 1:45 PM


A little girl and her father live alone together in a little house by the sea. All is beautiful love and play-pretend, except when dad slips in and out of a depressive state, leaving his young daughter to fend for herself emotionally. It was painful to watch the little girl trying to cope with her beloved father’s depression, alcoholism, and indifference during these periods. I chose this film because it made me cry – the storytelling and performances are excellent and I couldn’t help but become emotionally involved in the story, which is highly relatable for anyone who grew up with a parent struggling with mental illness.

Karen Peterson

Till the End of the World 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Too Weird for You

Dir. Dan Warren (Germany, 2018) 2:00

Nautilus 11:15 AM Friday Sept 6



This may simply be a love-letter from the Manifesto Crew to our patrons and audience, but we are sincere when we say that part of our festival is celebrating the freak, nerd, or dork in all of us. We are all beautiful, wonderful creatures who deserve to find other strange creatures with whom to experience the world. We hope you enjoy the stop-motion delights of this sweet music video.

Amy Peterson

*And we love our alumni! AN

Too weird for you 600x300 2019   Shorts

Troll Hunters

Dir. Joseph Brett (UK, 2018) 8:39
Nautilus Sept 8 5:00 PM
The Director’s Statement is in complete congruence with my thoughts on the subject!

We all know there’s no point in replying to online trolls – that their comments exist solely to stir up chaos in the message boards, and that you can’t reason with their hatred.

In the current political climate it has become increasingly tempting to be drawn into ‘debate’, in a hope that yelling at someone online might bring catharsis to our frustrations with the wider political landscape.

But that way lies madness.

What might start as a well intentioned up-vote on a positive comment, or simple fact-check can turn into a night of mind-bending arguing, where the logic and structure of reality is melted by the insane counter points of an opponent whose sole goal is to confuse, enrage and frustrate. Time and reality slip away.

Troll HUnters 600x300 2019   Shorts

Tsar Bomba

Dir. Oskar Rosetti (Switzerland, 2018) 14:00
Nautilus Sept 8 5:00 PM
Irina, a hard-working single mom, lives with her only son Ivan, 19 years old, in a modest apartment.  Despite her efforts to stay connected and part of his life, Ivan makes it clear he has his own agenda.   One day, she comes across a viral video of unspeakable cruelty and is horrified when the camera pans and her son is in the room…
Tsar Bomba 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Under Mom's Skirt

Dir. Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix (France, 2017)  12:10
Nautilus Sept 6 11:14 AM
A young woman goes with her mother for a routine medical check-up that turns out to be full of surprises. I enjoyed the honesty of this story. It is packed full of comic relief throughout an entirely uncomfortable experience. Relationships between mothers and daughters are often volatile and ever-changing through the years. Who doesn’t remember finding out an embarrassing or disturbing fact about their own parent as a young adult? But only through those moments do we get a glimpse of the true, secret identity of Mom or Dad.
Amy Peterson
Under moms skirt 1 600x300 2019   Shorts

Under the Rib Cage

Dir. Bruno Tondeur (Belgium, 2018) 13:02
Nautilus Sept 6 2:45 PM
This is the story of a guy who’s gonna die… Maybe.
Encapsulating the  program of postmodern living’s thesis, (with an exquisite color palette…) it is a shame we cannot hand out Xanax at the screening; because even if you don’t already have anxiety, you will be feeling uneasy after this gem! The animation is spectacular and in the words of our beloved alumnus:
“I absolutely love it!”  Nicole Chen
Under the Rib Cage 1 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Roman Villevoye (Netherlands, Iceland) 2019
*Filmmakers in Attendance!
Nautilus Sept 8 11:45 AM
Fashion Film. A photographer on a strange alternative reality Iceland encounters tribes and tries to document their different rituals until something happens that effects her deeply. Based on the “VOID” collection by Dutch designer Maarten van Mulken. Filmed in Iceland with local models.
VOID 600x300 2019   Shorts

Violent Equation

Dir. ANTONIS DOUSSIAS (Greece,2019) 5:00

Nautilus Sept 7 11:30 AM


Nautilus Sept 8  1:30 PM



Doussias returns this year after wowing us with Aneigma in 2018. Once again Visually stunning animation inspired from Kostis Georgiou paintings. Dare not to be different.

A totalitarian society forces unequal things to become equal.
Ignorance creates fear and envy brings violence.
The average person’s feeble mentality rules by any means.

Violent equation 600x300 2019   Shorts

Welcome Back

Dir. Matias Nilsson (USA/Mexico, 2016) 21:32
After being deported to Mexico, Carmen is forced to survive in a country she doesn’t understand anymore. Follow her struggles as she looks for an answer to where she’s really from, and which country is truly her home.


As an American watching this movie, I was struck by the honesty of the portrayal of the “immigration issue.” In our media-driven society, we are often isolated from outside perspectives and simultaneously inundated with USA-centric news about the immigrant experience in America. Actress Natalia Cordova-Buckley (Agents of Shield, McFarland USA) portrays the struggles and duplicity of having a national identity as an expat.

Amy Peterson
Welcome Back 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Alexandre Santos (France, 2018) 5:55

Nautilus Sept 8 5:00 PM


Antoine makes YouTube videos to denounce amalgams and racism. But two days after Paris attacks in 2015, he meets somebody in a bar who disrupts his beliefs…
Boy are we lucky this year to have Tatiana Pirogova, YouTube commentator, be here to enlighten us Gen X’ers about this current zeitgeist. Tons of films about YouTube..it seems superfluous. But why? Why now? Are we reaching critical mass? AN
 I am aware of many online “journalists”  who, a few years back,  had this same reaction. They would post article and article about racism and fear, then it would turn out they held some of these beliefs; the only reason they do it is, as was mentioned in the start of this film…views. He says “The last video got a million hits, I need to keep up the momentum” which is the sign of not somebody who cares, but somebody who does it because they see a personal gain, being money, or social ‘points’ because they seem so “politically strong”.
Tatiana Pirogova
white red 600x300 2019   Shorts

Your Last Day on Earth

Dir. Marc Martínez Jordán (Spain, 2018) 12:00
Nautilus Sept 8 3:00 PM
A Fox-dressed man breaks the spacetime limits with only one goal: to spend some time with his wife. But beneath this recreational act there’s a far more complex and ambitious plan.
Furries and the Apocalypse…what more do you want?!
You last Day on Earth 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Andre Marques (Portugal, 2015) 21:00

Nautilus Sept 7 11:30 AM


Slavery did not end in the 19th century. It just changed forms and is still a very real phenomenon. In fact, nowadays, statistically, there are more slaves than in the “time of slavery”. Millions of  women currently are forced into prostitution and sex trafficking.  Yulya tells the grim story about the exploitation of one of these victims.  

Astra Zoldnere

Yulya 600x300 2019   Shorts


Dir. Baloji (Democratic Republic of the Congo/Belgium, 2019) 14:50

Nautilus Sept 7 11:30 AM


A psychedelic musical about consumption society.  Hypnotized by money, clothes and self image on the Internet, people are walking around like zombies. They refuse to see anything besides the capitalistic bubble that consumes them and most often not too much else outside their Smartphone stupor.

Astra Zoldnere

Zombies 567x300 2019   Shorts