Lake Park Community Center

Lake Park Community Center

1035 11th Street Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Saturday June 5, 2021

10:00 am – Community Short Docs
1 Hour 10 Minutes
Saturday June 5, 2021

The Beautiful Colors of Jeremy Sicile-Kira
Jack Grisham Special Presentation
Dar(k)win Project
The Legacy

12:00 PM – Weekend at Bernie’s
Saturday June 5, 2021

In honor of our amazing guest, Catherine Mary Stewart, we are proud to help alleviate the past year’s anxiety with a good dose of humor. Joins us for a laugh at the community center…popcorn will be served! This is a Nakelski family favorite!

2:00 PM – Pipetown, USA
1 Hour 6 Minutes
Saturday June 5, 2021

At the root of the cannabis culture, a small glass pipe for smoking marijuana became popular in the early 1980s. Admiration of the little pipe grew when Bob Snodgrass of Eugene, Oregon created a technique called fuming. By introducing silver and gold metals to the glass, he could produce a beautiful rainbow effect that was layered in the glass and seemed to change colors when you smoked. Glassblowers from across the nation began to gravitate towards the area seeking his mentor-ship. The artistic, liberal community with the lush green countryside drew them in and by the 1990s the glass pipe movement was well established. In interviews with glass artists they reveal the freedom, the joy, the struggles and the pure passion that drives them to survive in a competitive industry filled with challenges.

3:15 pm – Last Call for Tomorrow
1 Hour 34 Minutes
Saturday June 5, 2021

Last Call for Tomorrow, reflects on the crisis’ facing all life on Earth.

We are witnessing the 6th Mass Extinction of our planet. We are loosing about 200 species a day. Humanity has killed 83% of all wild mammals and half of all plants. Of the birds left in the world, 70% are poultry chickens and other farmed birds.
Global industrial pollution is killing over 9 million people a year, through bad air and water.
What recourse can the people take, when there are no effective institutions to deal with the global one world order.
We face a clear choice: radical political transformation or deepening mass extinction.
To secure a sustainable future, we must change how we think, who we are, and how we live.

5:00 PM – Family Friendly Shorts
1 Hour 13 Minutes
Saturday June 5, 2021

Hedgehog Spikney
Legend of Psaltery
8 3/4
Beetle in the Anthill
My Label
Strange Creatures
The Best Place in the World

6:30 PM – The Kindness of Others Shorts
1 Hour
Saturday June 5, 2021

Golden Minutes
Hey Neighbor
COVID and Who I am Now
Dear Chaemin
Song Sparrow

*I believe one silver lining of the pandemic is that it has forced us to really introspectively force us to re-examine how we treat others beyond our immediate social circles. Of course, “we didn’t start the fire, it has always been burning since the world’s been turning” as Billy Joel would say. However, when we move beyond the fear induced reactions that media ratings crave from disasters, we look to community to help us cope and persevere. These shorts call attention to ideologies concerning the “Other.” AN

7:30 PM – The Man Who Knew Too Much
1 Hour 9 Minutes
Saturday June 5, 2021

A British Army PsyOps operative falls out with the intelligence community and is framed for a murder.

Director Statement
I stumbled across the incredible story of Colin Wallace in 2018, the story seemed so outlandish it was hard to believe it could be true. Colin Wallace had worked as a Senior Information Officer in Britain’s Ministry of Defense, in a psychological warfare and propaganda department in Northern Ireland called Information Policy. He claimed to have targeted British politicians and members of the clergy among others in PsyOps and fake news campaigns orchestrated by various elements in Britain’s vast secret state. Colin Wallace had a falling out with sections of the intelligence community after he refused to continue work in areas of PsyOps that he felt were undermining parliamentary democracy. He was subsequently accused of leaking a classified document and made to take voluntary redundancy, he was given the choice between taking voluntary redundancy and keeping his pension or being sacked. He attempted to gain redress by contacting MPs and he engaged with the press. One day he found himself accused of a murder.

Sunday June 6, 2021

10:00 AM – Short Documentaries
Sunday June 6, 2021

Birds Without Wings
A Strange Trial
Your Friend Ranger Doug

12:00 PM – The Mayberry Effect
Presented by Beehive Cheese
Drinks and Snacks included!
1 hour 30 minutes
Sunday June 6, 2021

Beehive Cheese Presents The Mayberry Effect
Drinks and Snacks included!

Dir. Christopher Hudson  *Director in Attendance!
The Mayberry Effect, is a thought provoking film investigating the topic of nostalgia through the lens of The Andy Griffith Show asking the questions; did a simpler time actually exist, how did the show influence our American culture and society and will future generations continue to enjoy the sitcom or will it fade away like so many other television shows over the past 60 years?

2:30 PM – After You
Sunday June 6, 2021

After the unexpected death of her fiancé and her suicide attempt, Su (Paulina Dávila), a woman who has problems dealing with people rather than men, is guided by her psychiatrist who forces her to follow a series of absurd instructions before he can discharge her. Her friends, Matias (Rodrigo Guirao) and Gil (Giuseppe Gamba), help her fulfilling these instructions thoroughly along her. Even the ones who defy any logic at her age, like “making a girl friend”. After some crazy attempts to find her, she meets Ana (Natalia Tellez) who helps her recover that hidden feminine side she had forgotten and finding herself again.

4:30 PM – False Alarm
Sunday June 6, 2021

False Alarm investigates the diverse reactions to the surreal and traumatic morning when families, soldiers, tourists, and every person on Hawaii was forced to confront an unthinkable realityan incoming nuclear missile. The film offers a picture of the hope of resistance and tragedy of acceptance around militarism, colonialism, and nuclear weapons through the lens of the 2018 Hawai’i false missile alert.